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Are your Spanish colleagues looking for similar TPRS materials? Have them check out my series: Charo y Lee

I have recently been informed of some gaps in audio and video on the Echter Unterricht DVD. I am not sure how that happened, but the corruption appears also on my master disc and I’m afraid at this point the original footage has been deleted. Most of the disc is viewable; however, I feel terrible sending out a defective product. For those who purchased one of these videos, I will issue you a $10 refund for the trouble. Please contact me about it.

I have not raised prices since the series was published in 1998. But I will need to raise the price on 4 items on July 1: Both levels of the Teacher’s Books and Blackline CDs. Each will cost $40. All other materials will stay the same, including class set discounts.

NOTE: I just noticed that Safari and Firefox browsers are no longer showing the navigation links at the top of the screen! Not sure why. It works on Google Chrome. I’ll look into this. For the time being, use the navigation on the left side.