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Are your Spanish colleagues looking for similar TPRS materials? Have them check out my series: Charo y Lee

Just finished an update to the Level Two Teacher's Book. I last rewrote the book in 2005. That was a major rewrite. This update includes some modernization of G-9-4 and a few other bits and pieces, a few extra tips, the addition of Blühenden Geschichten, new orals and some other minor changes. Not really enough of a change to purchase a new book, but if your old book is in bad shape, this might be the right time to purchase. iPad users will get a free automatic upload.

I have not raised prices since the series was published in 1998. But I will need to raise the price on 4 items on July 1: Both levels of the Teacher’s Books and Blackline CDs. Each will cost $40. All other materials will stay the same, including class set discounts.